Jun 22, 2017

New airline to Perth Batik Air Indonesia A320-214 (SL) PK-LAQ touches down!

Batik Air Indonesia A320-214 (SL) PK-LAQ c/n 6722 operated the airline's inaugural service from Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar Bali, Indonesia to Perth arrived 00.29hrs landing RWY03 as flight 'ID6007/BTK6007' after a flight time of 3hrs.16mins.

The return flight back to Bali 'ID6008/BTK6008' departed at 09.07hrs 22/06 as flight 'ID6008/BTK6008' & arrived at 12.44hrs (LT) after a flight time of 3hrs.37mins. Hexcode: 8A0519 (New airline, 1st visit to Perth) 

The second of their 'double daily' services, flight 'ID6005/BTK6005' operated by A320-214 (SL) PK-LAQ c/n 6722 once again departed Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar, Bali Indonesia at 14.22hrs (LT) & arrived into Perth Airport at 17.27hrs landing RWY03 after a flight time of 3hrs.05mins. 

The outbound return flight 'ID6006/BTK6006'  departed at 18.46hrs (34mins late) returning to Denpasar's Ngurah Rai Intl Airport.

Jun 21, 2017

Etihad Airways B787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLN EY486/487 (1st visit to Perth)

Etihad Airways B787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLN c/n 39659 operated today's 'EY486/487' services from / to Abu Dhabi, arrived 12.49hrs landing RWY03 & departed at 17.16hrs returning to the Middle East. Hexcode: 8964BE (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth & Australia)

Quokka name selected to adorn one of Qantas' new B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft

B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft to be named

Photos: Qantas Airways
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Congratulations to Qantas for including our Quokka as being one of the names chosen to be adorned onto one their new fleet of 8  B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

The other successful names chosen include: Boomerang, Skippy, Waltzing Matilda, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Great Southern Land & Dreamtime.

West Australian Tourism Minister Mr Paul Papilia, said that " With Qantas starting the non-stop flights from London to Perth next year, it made sense to have an iconic WA marsupial representing not only the spirit of Australia, but more specifically the spirit of WA".

Jun 16, 2017

Revesco Pty Ltd EMB-505 Phenom 300 VH-NJC arrives ex: Jakarta

Revesco Pty Ltd Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 VH-NJC c/n 50500080 ex: Premiar PK-RJD arrived 15.56hrs ex: Halim Perdanakusuma Intl Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia. landing RWY03. Hexcode: 8A0318 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 15, 2017

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD 'SND1' Rotation In & Out

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD c/n 1999 arrived 13.56hrs ex: Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport (YSSY) Sydney NSW as flight 'SND1' landing RWY03 & departed at 15.07hrs to Christmas Island (YPXM) as same. The return flight from Christmas Island (YPXM) back into Perth Airport (YPPH) arrived at 23.03hrs & departed at 00.55hrs +1 to Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) as flight 'SND1' once again & arrived at 06.08hrs (EST). Hexcode: 7C6B4F

Jun 14, 2017

Cathay Pacific A330-343X B-HLQ CX171/170D

Cathay Pacific Airways A330-343X B-HLQ c/n 420 arrived 22.36hrs ex: Chek Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong, China as flight 'CX171' & departed (delayed) at 20.02hrs +1 returning to Hong Kong as flight 'CX170D'. Hexcode: 780191

Air Mauritius - 50 years (1967-2017) Mauritius to Perth, Western Australia MK940/941 MK440/441

To the staff of Air Mauritius Perth office, The Aircraft Enthusiasts Group of Western Australia (AEGWA) congratulates Air Mauritius there 50th Anniversary celebrated today on Wednesday 14th June 2017

As part of your celebration, we have compiled a photo gallery of your aircraft visiting Perth, Western Australia  together with brief history of your operations to our city.

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2017

Airbus A330-202 3B-NBL c/n 1057 seen in Perth on Sunday 18th June, wearing the airline's 50th Anniversary logo.


Air Mauritius commenced services into Perth Airport, Western Australia on 29th November 1991, with B747SP-44 3B-NAR c/n 21254 named 'Chateau Labourdnais' operating the first service as flight/s MK940/941.

On the 4th April 1992, Air Mauritius changed operating equipment onto the Mauritius-Perth route, introducing B767-200ER aircraft, with B767-23B (ER) 3B-NAK c/n 23973 arrived for the first time.

On 4th January 1995, Air Mauritius operated the first scheduled Airbus A340 services into Perth, on this day A340-313X 3B-NAT c/n 048 operated the airline's MK940/941

On December 4th 2009, Air Mauritius operated  its latest aircraft type A330-202 into Perth. The aircraft 3B-NBM (seen here above) landing RWY03 some 8 years later, operated the first flight for the type 

On April 3rd 2013, after 22 years of servicing Perth as flight/s MK940/941, Air Mauritius changed its flight numbers to MK440/441 under which it still flies under today.

Photos: AEGWA collection
                                                            copyright 2017

Air Mauritius operated fleet of four leased B707 aircraft, of which one 3B-NBE c/n 18891 named 'City of Port Louis' also visited Perth albeit as a charter flight. This aircraft operated in the fleet from April 1981.

Jun 13, 2017

Indian Naval Warships INS Shivalik, INS Kamorta, & INS Jyoti arrive for AUSINDEX 17

Hindustan SA-316B Chetak IN421 
on board INS Shivalik F47

Photo: Richard Siudak
copyright 2017

In pursuance of India’s Act East policy, Indian Naval Ships Shivalik, Jyoti and Kamorta are on an overseas deployment to the South East Asia and Southern Indian Ocean. 

The Task Group, Stealth Multi-Role Frigate INS Shivalik (F47) noted to be carrying SA-316B Chetak helicopter IN421 c/n AH-156 (see photo above) Anti- Submarine Stealth Corvette INS Kamorta (P28) & Replenishment Oiler INS Jyoti (A58) which are on a port visit to Fremantle from 13 June to 19 June 2017.

During the stay in harbour, various activities such as official calls, formal reception on board ships, ships open to visitors, guided tours for Indian naval personnel and professional interaction between naval personnel of both the nations have been planned.

AUSINDEX-17, a bilateral maritime exercise between the Royal Australian & Indian navies would also be held as part of the visit. This will be the second such exercise undertaken between the two countries navies, with the maiden edition having been conducted at Visakhapatnam in 2015. The exercises aim to increase interoperability and are in consonance with the growing cooperation between the two countries. Royal Australian Navy Anzac Class Frigate HMAS Newcastle (FFG06) & Collins Class Submarine HMAS Waller (SSG75) together with divers from the navies Australian clearance diving team 4.

The naval vessels were open to the public on Wednesday 14th June 2017, from 10am to 4pm & sailed on Saturday 17th June for exercises with the RAN.

Jun 12, 2017

TAG Aviation Asia Gulfstream G-650 VP-BLF 'TBJ72' (1st visit to Perth)

TAG Aviation Asia Gulfstream G-650 VP-BLF c/n 6082 ex: VH-LUY Marcplan Charter Pty Ltd arrived 19.42hrs ex: Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport (YSSY) NSW, via Ayres Rock Airport (YAYE) as flight 'TBJ72' & departed at 16.47hrs 14/06 to Chek Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong China as same. Hexcode: 424244 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 11, 2017

Malindo Air B737-8GP (W) 9M-LNU 'MXD155/156' (1st visit to Perth)

Malindo Air B737-8GP (W) 9M-LNU c/n 39865 operated last night's 'MXD155/156' services from / to Kuala Lumpur, arrived 00.36hrs & departed at 02.02hrs 11/06 returning to Malaysia. Hexcode: 7503DA (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 10, 2017

Etihad Airways B787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLM (1st visit to Perth) EY486/487

Etihad Airways B787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLM c/n 39658 operated today's EY486/487 services from / to Abu Dhabi, arrived 12.56hrs & departed at 17.03hrs returning to the Middle East. Hexcode: 8964BD (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 7, 2017

Antonov Design Bureau An-124-100 UR-82027 'ADB2099' arrives ex: California USA via stops en-route Hawaii & Darwin & departed to China as 'ADB330F'

Antonov Design Bureau An-124-100 Ruslan UR-82027 c/n 19530502288 arrived 01.31hrs ex: Ontario Intl Airport (KONT/ONT) California USA via stops en-route at Daniel K Inouye Intl Airport (PHNL/HNL) Hawaii USA & via RAAF Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'ADB2099' landing RWY03 to ITB bay 162. Hexcode: 508015

Photo: Caleb Holtz
copyright 2017

Antonov Design Bureau An-124-100 Ruslan UR-82027 c/n 19530502288 departed at 15.15hrs off RWY03 (as seen here above) to Tiajin Binhai Intl Airport (ZBTJ/TSN) China, as flight 'ADB330F.

Jun 6, 2017

Skytraders A319-132 (LR) VH-VCJ 'SND2' In & Out

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-132 (LR) VH-VCJ c/n 1880 arrived 18.31hrs ex: Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) as flight 'SND2' & departed at 07.32hrs 07/06 to Cocos Keeling Island (YPCC) as same arrived at 10.33hrs (LT) after a flight time of 4hrs.01mins. 

The aircraft returned to Perth from Christmas Island at 19.40hrs before departing back to Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) at 21.11hrs. Hexcode: 7C6AA1

Skytraders A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD 'SND1' In & out & back again

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD c/n 1880 arrived 11.41hrs ex: Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) as flight 'SND1' & departed at 12.52hrs to Christmas Island (YPXM) as same. 

07/06: The return flight from Christmas Island (YPXM) to Perth Airport (YPPH) departed at 08.37hrs (LT) & arrived at 13.00hrs landing RWY03 Hexcode: 7C6B4F

Jun 5, 2017

Scoot.com B787-8 Dreamliner 9V-OFH 'TZ18/17' 'Scooti-Mite' (1st visit to Perth)

Scoot.com B787-8 Dreamliner 9V-OFH c/n 27124 named 'Scooti-Mite' arrived 21.33hrs ex: Singapore 'Changi' Airport (WSSS) Singapore as flight 'TZ18' & departed at 23.08hrs returning to Singapore as flight 'TZ17'. Hexcode: 76BCC8 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 4, 2017

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd leased to (Virgin Australia Cargo) Bae-146QT VH-SIF 'SFZ501/502' (ADL-PER-ADL)

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd leased to Virgin Australia Cargo Bae-146(QT) VH-SIF c/n E-2119 arrived 21.17hrs ex: Adelaide Intl Airport (YPAD) as flight 'SFZ501' landing RWY21 & departed at 22.29hrs returning to Adelaide Airport as flight 'SFZ502'. Hexcode: 7C5C45 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 2, 2017

Scoot.com's latest B787-8 Dreamliner 9V-OFI TZ18/17 'Mous-Scoot-Ka' (1st visit to Perth)

Scoot.com B787-8 Dreamliner 9V-OFI c/n 37125 named 'Mous-Scoot-Ka' operated today's retimed & new flight numbered 'TZ18/17' services from / to Singapore 'Changi' Airport, arrived into Perth at 20.05hrs & departed at 21.17hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76BCC9 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth)

New Scoot.com schedule effective June 1st 2017 - October 28th 2017

Flight/s TZ18/17 operate on days 1,2,3,5, (Arr): 20.05hrs (Dep): 21.10hrs & flight/s TZ8/7 operating on days 3,4,6 (Arr): 17.25hrs  & (Dep): 18.35hrs

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-132 (LR) VH-VCJ 'SND2' (YBBN-YPPH-YPXM-YPDN-YBBN-YMML)

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-132 (LR) VH-VCJ c/n 1880 arrived 13.30hrs ex: Brisbane Intl Airport (YBBN) Queensland as flight 'SND2' & departed at 15.35hrs to Christmas Island (YPXM) as same arrived 18.33hrs (LT). Hexcode: 7C6AA1 

03/06: Departed Christmas Island (YPXM) at 05.47hrs to RAAF Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'SND2' & departed RAAF Darwin at 13.06hrs to Brisbane Intl Airport & Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) as same.

Jun 1, 2017

Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNF operates first Brisbane to Perth return flights today

Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNF c/n 3332 operated today's first Brisbane to Perth & return services. Flight 'TT776' departed ex: Brisbane Intl Airport's RWY19 at 19.16hrs (EST) with an expected flight time of 4hrs.58mins, arrived 22.20hrs & departed at 01.16hrs +1 (2hrs delayed) returning back to Brisbane. Hexcode: 7C6C29

Qantaslink (Network Aviation) Fokker 100 VH-NHC 'NWK6685' returns after maintenance in Singapore

Qantaslink (Network Aviation) Fokker 100 VH-NHC c/n 11481 arrived 14.49hrs ex: Singapore Seletar Airport (WSSL) Singapore and via Port Hedland Intl Airport (YPPD) landing RWY21 as flight 'NWK6685'. 

Today's flight departed Singapore at 08.13 & arrived into Portt Hedland at 12.13hrs then departed for Perth at 12.54hrs. 

Note: This aircraft departed Perth on 23rd April 17 for her planned maintenance in Singapore, departing as flight 'NWK6686'. Hexcode: 7C42CE