Nov 1, 2014

French Air Force CASA CN-235MP 82-1C 'CTM1161' arrives with French Defence Minister Jean-Ives Le Drian (1st visit to Perth)

Photos: Mark Lynam 1,3,4
Photo: Richard Suidak 2
copyright 2014

French Air Force 'Armee De L'Air' CASA CN-235MP 52-1C msn 65 (F-RAIC) arrived into Perth Airport landing RWY24 at 18.27hrs as flight 'CTM1161' having had departed earlier at 17.20hrs ex: Albany Regional Airport (YABA) where the aircraft was present representing the country of France in celebration of the '100th Centenary' celebrations of Anzac, being held today in Albany, Western Australia. 

The aircraft ferried to Perth France's Defence Force Minister Jean-Ives Le Drian, who will meet with Australia's Defence Minister Mr David Johnston in Perth on Sunday 2nd November, for  bi-lateral meetings between Australia & France.

Update: Departed Perth Airport at 19.31hrs off RWY21 returning back to  Albany Regional Airport (YABA) operating as flight 'CTM1161' with an ETA of 20.27hrs expected.

Update #2: Sunday 2nd November: French Air Force 'Armee De L'air' CASA CN-235MP 52-1C msn 65 (F-RAIC) departed 11.02hrs ex: Albany Regional Airport (YABA) for Adelaide (YPAD) with an ETA of 17.45hrs (CST) then departs Adelaide (YPAD) for Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport at 19.15hrs (CST) with an ETA into Sydney at 22.50hrs (AEST).

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