Jul 2, 2014

Emirates A380-861 A6-EEU Medical Diversion EK415 (1st visit to Perth)

Photo: Laura Collier
copyright 2014

Photos 2 & 3: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014
Emirates A380-861 A6-EEU msn 147 arrived 09.50hrs landing RWY21 due onboard medical emergency operating as flight EK415 from Sydney (YSSY) to Dubai (OMDB) & departed at 11.57hrs to Dubai. Hexcode: 896194 (1st visit to Perth) 

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  1. I live in Wilson and was just heading out for my 40km ride when I heard an unusual sounding jet. I looked up to see a four engined "Emirites" logo staring back at me. I thought, "you bewdy, A380's have finally arrived". Alas, another medical emergency diversion :(